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I have always felt that life is quite unfair.More often than not,various circumstances one lands in underlines this assertion.Some people might say luck plays a major part in this while some might say destiny is unalterable.Either way,I feel that life throws around a myriad of uncertainties,enough to make someone doubt themselves and sink into a trench of despair.

Are you still fighting for something even if you know the odds are heavily stacked against you?Are you still trying even if you have faced rejections thus far? Are you still sweating it out there inspite of the sufferings it has caused you thus far?

If your answer is "yes",let me remind you that you are not alone!

It is quite normal to feel let down by the misfortunes and rejections life throws at us.It may be in the form of a failure in a competitive examination ,or a relationship,or the unability to grab hold of an opportunity or a step towards a successful career goal.The very fact that this occured despite one's best efforts is going to shatter anyone.Consolations and sympathies won't be enough. It is natural to feel dejected.But what matters is how one emerges out of this pit of shagrin.

History is abundant with examples of people who soared above their strings of defeats to ultimately emerge victorious.If we look closely at each of them,we find a good lot of them fought not against a single obstacle,but against many.The paths were never easily trodden but were laced with pins and thorns.What more,just have a glance at people around us-many of them would be having similar stories of perseverance.

J K Rowling,the celebrated author of the Harry Potter series has spoken about her difficult journey back in the 1990s. She was turned down by a total of 12 publishers before the publishing company, Bloomsbury agreed to publish the first book of the franchise in 1997.Even after the publishing,she was allegedly asked by the publishors not to be overconfident as chances of them beingbest-sellers were limited.However,what followed was history.The Harry Potter saga hit an all-time high and Rowling quickly became a household name globally.She never looked back thence...

Rowling's is just one story among millions.Often we feel depressed at a couple of results and channel ourselves into something less risky and less rewarding.People around you tend to discourage you telling this is not your cup of tea. No one may be there for you asking you to keep believing in yourself.Life may seem to have hit a rock bottom.But your attitude in such a situation determines your future.The choice is yours: either you can laylow,accept this as your destiny and settle for low; or else,you can choose to look up,shake off the shackles and dust,and aim higher for your next jump.

Whatever be your choice,always remember that it is your call;not your parents',not your siblings',nor your friends'!Never rely on someone else to influence your decision.If you really want something ardently,work for it diligently and you would see things turn out to be in your favour!

So,if you find this relatable to your life at this moment,you deserve credit for your perseverance because you didn't leave it for the sake of fate or fortune!

Work harder and soon you would be the one motivating others!

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