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[Happy] Doctors' Day

Updated: Jun 30

It has been more than a decade since I started having that prefix in front of my name...and I am equally proud and excited everytime I see or write my name with those two letters, as I was then.

From a timid and anxious 18 year old who first set foot inside the prestigious Trivandrum Medical College to the buzzing internship days filled with memories, I grew up along with 199 others in my batch.

Now as I stand back and reflect upon the journey, including specialisation in the field of Surgery and beyond, I realise it was not an easy one albeit gratifying.

I love what I am doing and there are miles to go further.

But of late, just like any other day of significance, Doctors' Day is shrinking to simply a day's remembrance. In a nation where Dr Vandanas are not given a sense of safety and security at their workplaces, it is all the more frustrating as the days go by.

I am quite happy and proud to tell that I am a good doctor.Not a perfect one by any means and the truth is I don't want to be one also!

There have been umpteen instances where the society have proved time and again that they don't deserve perfect doctors.One of them had to renounce his life because he went the extra mile to treat a little girl for free,who was rejected by multiple centres; another one was put behind bars for spending his money to alleviate the oxygen shortage of his hospital while another doctor had to leave her life permanently for being a gynaecologist.And nobody really bothers!

So, as another July 1 beckons, all I hope is for the public to understand the toils and sacrifices a doctor makes to be where he or she is.

Let this noble profession continue to heal the sick and inspire them to start dreaming...again!

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