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Master Peace : A 'Perfect' Dysfunctional Family Drama!

MasterPeace, the latest Malayalam webseries on Disney+ Hotstar is the perfect antidote for the existing regressive soap operas thriving in the households.

Boasting a stellar ensemble cast, this dysfunctional family drama, though a tad too stretched, is sure to keep you hooked till the very end!

The Series

Director : Sreejith N

Runtime : 5 episodes, 30+ minutes each

Main Cast : Nithya Menen, Sharaf U Dheen, Renji Panicker, Ashokan, Maala Parvathi, Shanthi Krishna

The Plot

Binoy (Sharaf U Dheen) and Riya (Nithya Menen) are a recently married well-off couple who reside in a high-end apartment in Kochi. The show (and the actual problems!) starts when the parents from both sides decide to make an unannounced visit following a tip-off from another relative regarding tensions in the couple's relationship.

The comedy of errors soon ensues and the other tenants conveniently add flavour to the brewing conflicts. As the day progresses, it becomes evident whose relationships are strained while whose are not!

The Characters

The show revolves around six main characters namely Riya (Nithya Menen), Binoy (Sharaf U Dheen), Riya's parents - Kuriyachan (Ashokan) and Lisamma (Shanthi Krishna), and Binoy's parents- Chandichan( Renji Panicker) and Aniyamma (Maala Parvathi). The rest of the notable cast includes Father Savourias (Jude Anthany Joseph), Viji Sir (Srikanth Murali) and Aparna (Divya Pillai).

The Review

In my opinion, 'MasterPeace' has been brilliant enough to bring out the hypocrisies prevalent in the modern society particularly with reference to blind religiosity and misogynist concepts. It takes a calculated dig at the societal norms in the name of tradition which are being blindly followed by elders even to this day.

Riya and Binoy are apparently in a healthy relationship but the elders barge in thinking that they can mend it in someway owing to their 'experience'. In short, what was nothing more than mere tiffs in the relationship are blown up by the interference of the parents. However the youngsters break the bubble and soon the elders are left pondering about their broken lives and insecurities.

As a whole, the entire cast has done full justice to their respective roles. Maala Parvathy as the over-melodramatic Aniyamma and Ashokan as the pietistic Kuriyachan stand out a bit taller than their counterparts- the submissive and meek Chandichan and the graceful Lisamma. While Ashokan has been brilliant with his quirky remarks and mannerisms, Renji Panicker takes a break from his rigid roles and personifies a lovely father who supports his children. Shanti Krishna with her subtle expressions shows her class while Maala Parvathy simply shines in her role brightly. Srikanth Murali portrays the voyeurist flat owner Viji Sir who doesn't appear to understand the concept of personal boundaries. Jude Antony too plays the role of the priest to perfection who is in fact responsible for the chain of events.

The setting within the flat is livid and colorful and the backgrounds do definitely add to the vivacity of the show.

However the series could have been a tad better if it wasn't unnecessarily stretched. Also I feel that a handful of the recurring quips appeal more to the malayali audience. Apart from this fact, 'MasterPeace' in my opinion is an engaging watch especially if you are a fan of Wes Anderson-esque aesthetics!

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