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The Helix

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

I couldn't see clearly inspite of straining my eyes. It all looked blurred.Nevertheless,I kept trying.I could hear some voices in the distance-some sort of wailing apparently.

My mind kept wandering.The thoughts seemed to revolve around me in constant motion.I simply could not focus on any of them. I could see that they were slowly gaining momentum. I felt as if I would faint.All I knew was that I was moving...

I had failed miserably-yet again. Somehow the silent acceptance of the fact made me shiver in distress.I wanted to scream,into the darkness that was slowly engulfing me.I shuddered.I knew my failure was not completely unexpected.But I was fatigued beyond measure.Deep within,I couldn't process the defeat.Well,I guess it was mainly because it was not my first time.When you keep trying but keep failing,it was not something you would feel happy about.

The wailing was increasing in intensity; as if it was closing down on me.I looked around but nothing had changed,obviously.The same blurred sights,as if I was gazing across a thick fog.I tried to remember how I came here in the first place but in vain.It was like someone didn't want me to remember at all.

I closed my eyes.I saw her again-there,she was smiling at me.I smiled back.But as I looked closer,I saw it was not a smile-more of a smirk.Or was I imagining it? No its a smirk alright..but then she hissed at me : LOSER! And she laughed hysterically.Then she diasppeared in a puff of smoke. Well,it didn't matter anymore. I was always alone.And nobody cared...

It had started to rain; or was it also my imagination? No,it was raining..I could see the tiny droplets of water in front of my eyes. The drops seemed to clear away the fog.And then all of a sudden came flashes of light around me-bright yellow lights. They were blinding.I shrieked in despair.The sounds were getting unbearably loud now.I raised my hands to shield my ears.

A deafening roar and a loud thud had halted me.I felt a sharp pain above my eyebrows-as if pierced by a sharp needle.Queer enough,the fog had lifted and so did the wailing.

I was clutching the steering wheel firmly.People were squinting at me rather sarcastically. The windshield had cracked at one end. Horns blared in all directions,ominously.

I was in the middle of the road.....

[This post is part of Blogchatter’s CauseAChatter]

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