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Who are you?

How well do you know yourself?

Do you have a clear answer if someone throws these questions at you all of a sudden?

If the answer is ‘Yes’, you need not read further!

But if the answer is ‘No’, then this post would be worthwhile...

“The better you know yourself, the better your relationship with the rest of the world.”
-Toni Collette

How many of you actually took the time to explore the real you?

Only if we have an opinion about ourselves will we be able to communicate the same to another person. Unfortunately,in today’s world,we try harder to unravel others instead of spending time on ourselves.And the net result is that we might end up knowing more than what we ought to know in the first place about that person while understanding ourselves too little .Isn’t it embarassing to realize eventually that someone has created an opinion about you and in effect knows you better than yourself?

Life is a journey-one where you constantly keep learning and unlearning.So it is quite natural that you change or adapt yourself accordingly.

On looking back,I feel that I have changed a lot over the years.I wonder if my five-year younger self would recognize me if not for the physical appearance(which has also undergone significant changes!).And it might be the case with most of you too. What matters is how much you have evolved and how much you are happy with your current personality.If you feel that you have changed for good,it is a great achievement.On the other hand,if you feel that you have lost the real ‘you’,then its time to sit down and rewind what went wrong.

Your definition of who you are is not dependent on what others think of you-be it your closest family member or your best friend! What you are or what you should be is not related to what you were in the past. In other words,your failures and your losses do not have a say in your present and future.The amount of time you invest in the memories of your failures dictates what lies ahead.

“Be proud of your scars. They remind you that you have the will to live”.
-Paulo Coelho

We invest our time and resources for our physical health.But our mental health needs serious consideration as well. Man is a social being. So,our mental health depends a lot on our interactions with others.But it is equally important to spend quality time with oneself. The pandemic has brought about drastic changes in our perspectives. Life slowed down as we shrunk to ourselves. Most of the people succumbed to loneliness and desperation. While depression has to be manged actively by a psychiatrist,the despairs can be effectively tackled in the initial stages by healthy activities.

Who doesn’t make mistakes in life? Life,however, is too short for losing time pondering over what could have been. So,seize the opportunity and pay a little attention to what your mind tells you today.

Remember-You can decide who you want to be without waiting for others to formulate an opinion about you in the first place!

Did you feel that you could resonate with the contents of this article? Did it give you a new leash of motivation?

Do let me know in the comments section below!

[Disclaimer: The views expressed within are personal. Kindly consult a professional if you think you need help.]

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