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Often,Love in the modern world is expected to be electrifying and dazzling. You know someone is in love when their actions are loud and you might have ended up wondering whether you would be lucky enough to be at the receiving end of a ‘true love’ like that.

But think again,is this alone what you call romance?

Can love be more subtle?!

Everyone who is a fan of classic romance would have undoubtedly read Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’.A beautifully narrated romantic novel,it has had many movie adaptations. The hero of the story is Mr.Darcy and he is one of the finest examples of the fact that love need not be all about pomp and show,but more about character,nobility and perspectives.

Darcy was willing to let go of his pride as he realized his feelings for Elizabeth and expressed his love for her.However,she rejected him but that didn’t deter him from being true to virtue.He protected her family taking care not to let her know about it. And when the time came,he proposed her again-successfully indeed this time.

Sometimes,people would call the subtle variant of romance old-fashioned. But that is hardly the case. After all,loving someone is not equivalent to making a show of the same. What matters more is the language of the hearts as they realize each other’s feelings.Do not mistake me; I’m not telling that one must not express his or her love-they should definitely by all means. But there are more dimensions to what is apparently visible.So do not be quick to judge someone on what you merely appreciate.

So,if you are in love,be sure to pick up the subtle signs of affection in your lover.They might be counting on you!

Let me know what are your views on this!

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