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Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Why are we still forced to speak about gender equality even after setting foot in the 21st century?

Why is our society still divided when it comes to achievements by our women?

As per reports, on an average,women are paid 24% less than men for comparable work,across all regions and sectors.Women constitute to less than a quarter of the world's parliamentarians.Another shocking report points out that 153 countries have laws discriminating against women and that is a huge number! Isn't it pathetic that the so-called modern society where we live is still largely creating gender inequality on a large scale? Don't you think it's high time the situation was changed? Don't you think it's in our hands to bring around the change? Certainly so! Even when steps are being taken,the hard truth is that we are still miles away from the results...

I would tell you a simple yet deep recent example of gender inequality: 06th March,2022. This day was important for Indian Cricket for two reasons; In Women's ICC World Cup,Indian women thrashed Pakistan women by a whopping 107 runs while the Men's team trumped SriLanka in a test match by an innings and 222 runs.While the latter stole the limelight across digital platforms and social media,the former was not even acknowledged by the majority,even when it was during a major cricketing event. And ironically, still we speak about justice...

In reality,all women are superheroes-not only those who are famous and well-known,but every single woman on this planet. Its just that we get to hear inspiring stories of only a few. But how many of us ever wondered about the extent of pain taken by these strong women? Have we ever taken time to understand what a woman goes through in her daily life?!

We hear about the young entrepreneur who manages to multitask, about the jovial teacher who manages to balance school and home, about the competent doctor who is a compassionate clinician and a loving mother, about the celebrity who is successful yet down-to-earth, but have we thought about the efforts taken by them? Have we wondered what forced them to take multiple roles all at once? I guess most of us haven't, particularly the male gender.

Often the society assign gender roles..they 'expect' women to do certain things,'fulfill' certain duties,'meet' certain deadlines. It is not easy to break out of this coccoon even if one wants to. I know many families where the male child is still considered 'superior' and where the parents still favour the comfort of their sons over their daughters. Every thing the daughters do are considered to be their responsibilities while each trivial act by the sons are regarded as worthy of heapful of praises. Gender equality should start from homes.Our society needs to understand further the role of a woman,in its progress.

A woman should not be known for being the backbone of a man's success,but for her own accomplishments.

I am proud of all the wonderful women in my life.I can't thank them enough in this lifetime.

All our daughters, wives, sisters,mothers and friends need the support and recognition they deserve.

It is not the Jacinda Arderns,Kalpana Chawlas,J K Rowlings,Mary Koms,Angelina Jolies and Shreya Ghoshals who deserve more of our praises.It is those silent achievers around us,in our own homes who need our support.

Let us be happy for their achievements and success stories rather than mere remembrances on another International Women's Day- let us acknowledge these real superheroes!! #internationalwomensday

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Mar 25, 2022


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