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The Reader or the Writer?

As a child inducted into the world of books,I was in awe of the great authors.I remember vividly how I was fascinated by their writings and the brilliant ideas they emanated through their works.Naturally I also wanted to be a writer someday. As time flied past,my interest in writing took a step backwards as I naturally became indulged with my studies.But my reading continued.Now,years down the lane,I rarely get quality time for reading but I started pouring down my thoughts and perspectives in words.

So does that make me a good writer? Well,not really!

Because I think only a good reader can be a good writer and vice versa!

Reading and writing are like the two prongs of a tuning fork-inseparable yet having a unique identity on their own. Without one,the other looks out of context and slightly desolate.

Reading always inspires writing.The more one reads,the more one gets inspired.I can firmly assert that the reader in me has stirred the writer in me to come forward. As one starts reading,a whole new world of virtual reality opens up in front of him/her.There is nothing else like reading which tickles one's figments of imagination.This is sadly what is missing in the current generation kids who are directly introduced into the world of visual media. One hardly gets to think when a scenario is already painted in front of their eyes.I remember I got introduced to Robinson Crusoe,Monte Cristo,Alice and Oliver Twist as a schoolgoing kid himself and it did colour my imagination and creativity like nothing else did.

A writer can always impel his/her reader in more ways than one-more so,towards being another writer himself/herself. It goes without saying that a good writer would invariably be a good reader too.Writing is a passion inspired my one's experiences and one's reading. So both these aspects go hand in hand.

So,as for me it is literally difficult to choose one over the other as I consider myself a voracious reader longing to be a piquant writer!

[This post is a part of #BlogchatterBlogHop and written for the prompt, ‘If you had to choose between reading or writing']

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I agree to this that reading and writing go hand in hand. In fact, good writing shows that you are a good reader too and research helps you further.


Exactly what I was trying to say!



I agree with you, Joel. As readers, we live in a colourful world of intriguing characters and their world, something that the children of today miss out on if they are not readers. Monte Cristo, Oliver Twist and the like have been my friends as well from a young age. I enjoyed your post, especially since you made a choice that I frankly was unable to in my post.


Thank you 😊

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